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In business, finding the right employees is the foundation of any company. The recruitment team is the heart of the business. In soccer, however, recruitment processes are still approached without proper preparation and meticulousness. That time, however, is becoming a thing of the past, as...

A helping hand in this regard extends to your club....

2MoreO for Football (BETA)

Our company offers a unique and innovative solution for football clubs in their recruitment process of football coaches. We are the first on the market to provide professional recruiting techniques and modern technologies specifically designed for this purpose. With our advanced methods, football clubs can now easily find and hire the most suitable coaches for their teams. Our platform utilizes cutting-edge technology to streamline the entire recruitment process, making it faster, more efficient, and more effective. By combining professional recruiting techniques with modern technologies, we ensure that football clubs have access to a pool of highly qualified and skilled coaches. With our support, football clubs can now enhance their coaching staff and ultimately improve the performance and success of their teams.

Let's make it simple...

Running a club involves many responsibilities, such as bookkeeping and legal and tax issues related to hiring employees. However, 2MoreO can simplify your life. Your only responsibility will be to pay one invoice per month. We will take care of hiring each employee, pay any taxes, or send them tax documents. The coaches or other employees will then be assigned to work for you on the basis of a b2b agreement between 2MoreO and your club.

Thanks to such a model, the whole process is simplified to the maximum for the club, while coaches can count on additional benefits such as private medical care, life insurance or sports card. Learn more about our offer today.

”When you are the President of a football club, you undoubtedly can't complain about excess time. This makes us very often lack time for elements that are really important, such as the recruitment and selection of coaches and other employees. In business, we don't hesitate to apply the latest recruiting trends, but what's it like in football? In this regard, 2MoreO for Football comes to your aid. We will take care of everything for you, from fine-tuning the job offer, publishing it, selecting applications and conducting interviews, to preparing a report on the recruitment process for you. All this is completely free of charge - you pay only for the real effect, when you hire a candidate from our selection! So don't hesitate and test our solutions today, without any risk.”

- Patryk Dudzicki, Founder & CEO of 2MoreO

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