For football clubs

When we manage our companies we give due importance to employee recruitment. Often, however, due to lack of time, we do not have such an opportunity when managing a sports club. 2MoreO for football will take care of the entire recruitment process for you. We'll interview you to pinpoint your club's needs in terms of 12 criteria categories, prepare and publish job postings in the most effective places, interview candidates, and then select the best fit for your club's needs.

2MoreO Review

Together we will analyze the needs of your club in more than 11 categories to most effectively match candidates with the philosophy and needs of your club.

Opening up the borders

2MoreO will help you find trainers not only in Poland, but also abroad. Our specialists will also help you with the legalization of the foreign trainer's stay in Poland and the entire employment process.

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Our company speeds up your search. By entering into cooperation with our company you gain access to our database. Perhaps your ideal Trainer is already working with us?

Market Data

Our company conducts regular surveys and aims to create current reports on the market wage situation in the industry. By cooperating with us you gain access to detailed data on the rates offered by other clubs in the market, so you can more effectively manage the budget of your club.

Employment of 2MoreO

If you want to significantly simplify the running of your club use Employment of 2MoreO. We will hire coaches for you and take care of everything from preparing your contract, paying your salary, paying your taxes and doing your bookkeeping. Trainers will also gain access to a package of non-wage benefits. Your only responsibility, however, will be to pay one invoice per month, regardless of the number of trainers. Lower your operating costs and simplify your business today.

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man in white dress shirt sitting beside woman in black long sleeve shirt
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Pay for result

You do not have to pay any costs when starting cooperation. You only pay for our services if you hire a candidate from our recommendation. Contact us for details.

Want to find out how it works?

Step 1

You complete the application form below

Step 2

We contact you to schedule a convenient time for an interview, during which we will refine the vision of the coach your team needs. We determine the vision of the right coach for your club in terms of 12 categories of criteria - 2MoreO Review.

Step 3

We sign a cooperation agreement with your club.

Remember that our services are paid only if you hire a trainer from our recommendation (success fee). We do not charge you any fees until you sign a contract with a new trainer.

Step 4

We check our database for the presence of trainers that meet your expected criteria. If they are already part of the 2MoreO community - we immediately get back to you with recommendations!

Step 5

If the list of candidates is not satisfactory our specialists CREATE an appropriate job description and start publishing advertisements on the Internet and direct search for candidates. After this stage, we come back to you with more candidates.

Step 6

Great! One or more candidates meet your expectations. Great! At this stage, we help you to determine the optimal terms of cooperation for both parties.

Important! Until the signing of the contract - our services are free of charge. You make a payment only in the case of hiring a trainer whom our experts have recommended to your club. The amount of the fee is determined by the previously concluded contract.

Step 7

If you are interested in cost optimizations at your club we can help you through "Employment of 2MoreO. Our company hires a trainer and then on the basis of a separate b2b agreement with your club delegates him to work in your club. With this solution, you no longer have to worry about salary calculations or preparing tax documents. In turn, the coach gains the ability to choose the form of employment, or access to a cafeteria of benefits such as private medical care or sports packages.

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